STEPdb: Sub-cellular Topologies of E.coli Polypeptides.

Bird's-eye view of the E. coli peripherome (Papanastasiou, M et al)

This is a schematic longitudinal section of an E. coli dividing cell. A section of the inner membrane is depicted; the rest of the cell envelope is omitted for simplicity. Based on MultiFun classification Peripheral Inner Membrane proteins (PIM proteins, green circles) participate in 9 cellular processes (indicated with bold letters): cell structure; DNA-, RNA- and protein related; metabolism; transport; response to stress and cell division. Sub-categories of these processes are indicated with bold grey letters. The proteins are grouped according to known complexes (encircled in gray color schemes) and pathways, together with their integral inner membrane partners (yellow circles) where known (Keseler, I.M. [2009]). Protein-protein interactions derived from tandem-affinity purification experiments (Aranda, B et al [2010]) are also mapped (where available) and depicted with connecting lines. For visualization purposes the protein-protein interactions were integrated and loaded in Cytoscape (Keseler, I.M. [2009]).


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