STEPdb: Sub-cellular Topologies of E.coli Polypeptides.

Search Table: Homologous proteins of type three secretion system (T3SS) within pathogens and the flagellum

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Structural sub assembly of injectisome contains
Subunit function/role contains
Common name contains
EPEC contains
Accession (Uniprot) contains
P. aeruginosa T3SS contains
Yersinia T3SS contains
Shigella flexneri contains
Salmonella sp. SPI 1 contains
Salmonella enterica SPI 2 contains
Chlamydia pneumoniae contains
Bordetella contains
P. syringae contains
R. solanacearum contains
Xanthomonas spp. contains
B. pseudomallei T3SS3 contains
Flagellum contains
F1F0 ATPase contains


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