(mouse over and click on the one letter topology symbols to see which proteins of this specific subproteome are localized in each location)
Nucleoid Cytoplasmic Peripheral inner membrane protein facing the cytoplasm Integral inner membrane Ribosomal Inner membrane lipoprotein Peripheral inner membrane protein facing the periplasm Periplasmic Peripheral outer membrane protein facing the periplasm Outer membrane β-barrel protein Peripheral outer membrane protein facing the extra-cellular space Extra-cellular Outer membrane lipoprotein

Welcome to STEPdb

STEPdb is the database of the sub-cellular topology and localisation of the Escherichia coli polypeptides. Comprehensive annotation has resulted from a multi-combinatorial analysis including bioinformatics predictions, literature surveys, re-analysis of literature data, manual curation and searches in other databases. It integrates a wealth of information that includes reference structures, biophysical properties, intrinsic polypeptide features and extrinsic factors such as abundance, chaperones and export systems, domains and essentiality. STEPdb currently contains information on three E.coli strains: K-12, BL21 and the enteropathogenic EPEC. All datasets are freely available for download. In addition, STEPdb contains tools for de novo bioinformatics searches including: sequence similarity, prediction of sub-cellular location and disorder, visualisation of membrane protein topologies and protein complexes.


1. STEPdb 2.0

  • Loos, MS. et al (2019): Structural basis of the sub-cellular topology landscape of E. coli. [Abstract]

2. STEPdb 1.0

  • Orfanoudaki, G. and Economou A. (2014): Proteome-wide Sub-cellular Topologies of E.coli polypeptides database (STEPdb). [Abstract]